Videos aren’t just for Youtube entertainment anymore.  They are a powerful resource to use in terms of marketing and advertising.  The fact of the matter is, before people buy almost anything, they are Googling, looking at websites, and researching.  So how do you get people to look at your page, and STAY on your page?


Video is the most authentic way to connect with your customers.  And it’s the quickest.  If a potential customer is looking at your website, think of how much easier it would be to watch a short video, explaining what your business offers, as opposed to reading a bunch of text.

Face it.

Our attention spans have shortened.  We don’t like to sit and read.  We will, however, sit and watch a video on our smart phones, iPads, or computers.  

Don't believe us?  Here’s some quick stats to back it up:

*82% of marketers agree that videos used in email marketing campaigns generate higher conversions.

*Having video on your webpage attracts 2-3 times more views.

*90% of online shoppers at a retailer’s website who said they find video helpful in making shopping and buying decisions. 

*People will stay on your page up to 157% longer if you have great video content.

*Customers who watch a video are 85% more likely to take action and buy. 

It’s quick, it’s professional, and it gets to the point.  Email us if you think a branding video would be good for your business!