Looking to the Past and the Future

With each video, we capture a moment in time through classic storytelling techniques. But we’re also looking forward to the future. Our team is constantly evolving and investing in cutting-edge technology. We’re proud to be located in the historic Dundee neighborhood in Omaha—a place that shares our vision for blending the best of the old and the new.

Our Lens


Shine the light on your people. By facilitating candid interviews and filming in everyday settings, we bring a human element to our work.


Get a real snapshot of what makes you unique. We have decades of experience drawing out and highlighting the best of people and organizations.


Create a video that moves people. Whether it’s a fundraising clip or a corporate documentary, we develop meaningful videos that make a difference.


Video Production

Our team does beginning-to-end work for video projects. We can deliver videos in various formats and styles, including documentaries, social ads, commercials, training videos, branding, and more.

Video Libraries

Video libraries allow you to save time and money on projects and campaigns throughout the year. We support in-house video teams by providing a library of footage that’s processed and organized to your specifications.

Behind the Scenes

State-of-the-Art Gear

From the latest gimbal technology to a 12-foot crane, we have the right equipment to provide you with the highest quality footage. Plus, we’re always investing in new gear that improves our final product.

Experienced Team

Our team has 30 combined years of experience and has created over 100,000 hours of video content for over 100 clients.

Lean Approach

Staying within your budget is important. We only use the resources we need for your project, so you get high-quality video at a competitive price.